Fight For Your Life

Fight For Your Life
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Writing a book

Have you ever written a book before. If you have truly done the writing yourself with a publisher, you know the patience it takes to bring your work to the market. I just spoke to my marketing guy today its been 6 to 9 months since i revised the book "Fight For Your Life"from tragedy to triumph, and we are still not finished yet. I still must go back and make corrections for the uteenth time, and then send it back to the publisher so they can read and check as well, and maybe then it will get signed off on to actually do a print run. I am still hoping for Feb. to be the online date when the book can be ordered at I know the book will be a blessing to many people who look at themselves and say why am I still in this mediocre predicament. I want to go higher I want to strive for more, I want to "Fight For My Life". (twitter)
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