Fight For Your Life

Fight For Your Life
New book on line at that is guaranteed to change your life and give you the will to fight for your right to be successful

Thursday, January 13, 2011

In Jail Outside

For some reason the thought came to me in jail outside. A lot of us live in the prison of our own jail cells. You don't have to be incarcerated to be in jail. Sometimes our fears, shackle us, sometimes our habits shackle us, for 30 years sex has be the handcuffs that has shackled me in my own personal jail cell, now its time to break the shackles of addiction, its time to bust out of the cells that holding us from reaching our God given destiny, break out, break out, you have been shackled long enough break out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fight For Your Life

I received word from my layout person on my new up coming book "Fight For Your Life" from Tragedy to Triumph that the final revision won't get to me until late Jan. or Feb. Book writing is a tedious process which takes lots of time. I am thankful to have this opportunity to bring my story to the masses. The only reason that I do this is hopefully so that someones life my be spared the horrific pain and loss that my family and I have suffered. Addictions are selfish, they are all in compassing, there total aim is to kill you and rid you of life. The only known cure for any addiction is Jesus Christ. As I walk this walk thank God that he walks with me.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

what constutites victory

What constutites victory? What do we look at or evaluate to see if we won or lost? Well as a coach of  the Mid-Continent Cougars, one of the ways victory is constituted is by the score board, who won and who lost. You can tell that very easily by the score board. Tonight we beat a very tough Lyon College team did we win and they lossed. Well the score will say, yes that is the case. But how do we keep score in life. How do we know whether our lives are producing victory or defeats. Our score board in life is usually measured, by our home lives and whether we are good parents, whether we are stable providers, whether we are productive on the job. Does your life constitute victory or defeat?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Writing a book

Have you ever written a book before. If you have truly done the writing yourself with a publisher, you know the patience it takes to bring your work to the market. I just spoke to my marketing guy today its been 6 to 9 months since i revised the book "Fight For Your Life"from tragedy to triumph, and we are still not finished yet. I still must go back and make corrections for the uteenth time, and then send it back to the publisher so they can read and check as well, and maybe then it will get signed off on to actually do a print run. I am still hoping for Feb. to be the online date when the book can be ordered at I know the book will be a blessing to many people who look at themselves and say why am I still in this mediocre predicament. I want to go higher I want to strive for more, I want to "Fight For My Life". (twitter)
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

suit up

great message today called "suit up" by pastor walton, we must be suited for the fight. No matter what our fight is we have to have on the right suit. The fight is coming just know that, the question is will you be ready for the fight. Will you have on the right armour. Lets get ready for the fight, lets put our dukes up, sometimes we will have to rope a dope, and sometimes we will have to cover up,but there are other times were punches are necessary.