Fight For Your Life

Fight For Your Life
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Dream Teams win championships

As I watched my daughters cheerleading team compete in a cheerleading competition, I could tell that it takes a team to make a dream a reality. During the competition it was easy to see who the best team was. There was a team called Extreme, my daughter worships that team. That team has won a number of championships, she new them all by name, she follows them on the internet. During this competition she had a chance to meet some of the players, but was to scared to approach them. Immediately my mind took note of the thing that keeps most of us shackled in mediocrity, that thing is FEAR. Susan Jeffers wrote a book feel the fear and do it anyway. When there is something positive we are trying to do with our lives, we must feel the fear and do it anyway. My daughter lost the chance to interview the champions because she felt fearful, don't allow fear to cause you to lose the championship. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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